Maeda MK1033

MK1033 is the latest model of Maeda mini cranes, characterized by its unique flexibility. This operator-controlled crane is designed for narrow passages and has a hydraulic 6-level lifting boom. This gives the crane exceptional opportunities when it is necessary to perform such work as installing glass and windows in a building. Due to its design features, the crane can enter hard-to-reach, narrow places, and lift loads on the roof. The MK1033 is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway. Its lifting capacity is as much as 0.995 t, and the lifting height is 11.3 m.

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Model MK1033
Loading capacity (t) 0,995
Working radius (m) 9,9
Lifting height (m) 11,3
Weight (kg) 2370
Width (mm) 750
Height (mm) 1990
Lenght (mm) 3235