Stationary ramp

  • Security boards from the sides;
  • Roadway – serrated metal;
  • CE – marking of conformity.
  • Undercarriage – hot-dip galvanized and cut grill for better traction;
  • The frame is primed and painted – New Holland Blue color – the color can be changed;
  • Dimensions by individual needs;


Stationary ramps are used when mobility is not required and the ramp is placed in a certain place where it will be all the time. Stationary ramps are distinguished by the fact that they are manufactured according to the customer’s wishes, depending on the unevenness or slope of the ground. Stationary ramps are manufactured according to the height, width, length, and weight load chosen by the customer, with safety curbs. If height adjustment is required due to uneven surfaces or simply to be more accommodating for loading/unloading, then height-changing legs can be used. It is also possible to apply various surfaces of the ramp and choose the desired color of the ramp.